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Dec 29, 2013
5:55 PM
Can someone remind me who I need to call to make a complaint about traffic control at this intersection? It's getting out of control. My husband, myself and a car full of kids almost took a 45 mile per hour side impact trying to turn left to head south on Johnson. This happens on a regular basis to me in the morning and this last one 5 minutes ago was too close. The driver would have plowed into my 6 year old at 45+ miles per hour. This is a neighborhood not a freeway but people drive down Johnson like its a highway. This needs to be corrected ASAP. It's the same reason why there are constant accidents on sunshine and Renette. People come flying down Johnson, head east on Renette and bearly stop at Emerald. Then they continue down Renette to sunshine and nail people there. We need a four way stop on Johnson and Renette. Speed bumps. (As much as I hate them) would also work.
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Dec 29, 2013
5:58 PM
Can I also add this is a school zone with a crosswalk. I honestly cannot understand why this is allowed here.
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Dec 29, 2013
6:55 PM

You can report it to the ECPD for traffic enforcement, but you need to report it to city manager's office so it can be sent to Traffic Engineering. They are the ones who will assess the situation and if needed add stop signs/traffic signals, or speed bumps, etc. There are a lot of options, such as adding a median to the middle of the road, or painting diagonal lines to the outer edges of the road to make it appear narrow.

You may want to send out a notice to your neighbors about two things:

1) Usually when traffic enforcement kicks in, you and your neighbors might be the ones getting tickets =o

2) Ask your neighbors to call their concerns in also...the squeaky wheel, right? The more calls the more attention.

We're happy to help if there's anything you need!

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Dec 29, 2013
7:14 PM
Thank you Deena! I think a stop sign would be a great start! I'm not to concerned about the neighbors being upset since one of them has already had their car totaled on this street by a speeding driver passing through. It's a very dangerous intersection because of speeders. The problem really isn't people who live near by. It's people using our neighborhood as a short cut across Washington to chase or magnolia.

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Dec 29, 2013
7:29 PM
I was looking at that intersection (Renette and Johnson) on google maps and it seems a four-way stop makes sense. It currently is a two-way stop. Especially since the crosswalk for the school has NO stop sign.

Maybe the neighborhood has out grown the current traffic design.

Thanks for bringing up this situation MommaMaz.
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Dec 30, 2013
3:14 PM
I've brought to the attention the dangers of intersections (and more) to the city on many occasions. Nothing has changed.
Why is no one listening and acting on these and other issues which plague El Cajon?

My thoughts;
#1 - Flashing left turn arrows are Very dangerous and have been the cause of many wrecks. Although data seems non existent. Something must be fixed here.
#2 - These same intersections are even more of a danger to unprotected pedestrians such as myself. Again, partly because of flashing yellow turn arrows. The problem is many drivers are not paying attention to people crossing the road when watching for a break in traffic to turn left. These lights should turn red when a pedestrian pushes the button to cross the street. We shouldn't have to take such risks when legally crossing a road.
#3 - Too short cross time for pedestrians. There needs to be a minimum of 30 seconds - more for areas such as Fletcher Parkway, so people don't become stuck in the center medium area with vehicles racing past. Unnerving is an understatement. Some of us simply cannot walk fast. Seniors & physically challenged, such as myself.
#4 - Enforce traffic speed laws better. Everywhere I walk, it appears to me that many, if not most drivers are traveling 5 to 10 mph (or more) faster than the posted speed limit. Residential neighborhoods are no exception either. These have become unsafe for especially kids. The 25 mph is ignored.
#5 - More enforcement regarding bicycle riders who insist on riding upon sidewalks. Some come from behind going fast, with no warning and usually very close.
#6 - Enforcement of speed laws need to be performed around schools as well. Signs indicating 25 mph when children are present, are routinely ignored.
#7 - Shorten red light wait times for vehicles and pedestrians crossing intersections. Particularly when NO oncoming traffic is on the road. 1 to 2 minutes at certain times of the day is unacceptable.

My final thoughts;
More boots on the ground is paramount.
Other cities have Police on foot patrol, some are in civilian clothes, enforcement is widespread and tough!
Redirect some funding, or do whatever it takes. The problems will continue to worsen over time if nothing is done. Action is needed. Not discussions and theory.
Is anyone paying attention to our voices?

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Dec 30, 2013
4:35 PM
So I have to tell you I'm hopefull! Just noticed that there are flashing signs now when you come up Johnson about speed. I swear they were not there yesterday. I wonder if they were there last night when the driver almost hit us. Anyone know if they were installed today? For some time now they have been saying they were going to improve the school zone but all the improvements stopped after the resurfacing and restriping a few months ago so I figured that is all we are getting. Come on stop sign!!!!! Then we will be complete!!!

Thank you for your help and concern! I agree it only makes sense to have a fourway stop there. Traffic doesn't get backed up in this areas except at dimissal time and a stop sign would help parents who park across the street and dodge the speeders to get back across to their car. They installed one at Flying Hills Elem last spring and it helped tremendously!

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Jan 09, 2014
12:14 PM
Just a follow up. I have filed a concern with the city manager. They noted that the newly installed lights have not been programmed yet but they will be advising after collecting data for a few months if there is a need for a four-way stop in this location.

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